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SD Gundam Force Alignment Chart by Cybertoy00 SD Gundam Force Alignment Chart by Cybertoy00
I saw a bunch of these alignment charts while searching around the site, and felt compelled to make one myself. The real trick was finding characters who fit the Neutral alignments.

Lawful Good: Captain Gundam is the obvious choice for this alignment. He's all "Request permission" and stuff. He's a good person who upholds the law.

Neutral Good: It was a hard choice, but I selected Shute because, according to TVtropes, NGs are all about morality, and that's Shute to the core. He does what can make people happy.

Chaotic Good: Another hard one, but I chose Bakunetsumaru. He does have loyalty to his homeland and lord, but his tendency to jump headfirst swords slashing often undemines his intentions. A good person (Or Gundam) who's chaotic.

Lawful Neutral: Though the Dai-Shogun is obstinately on the heroes' side, he only appears varely rarely, and only to put the protagonists on an even keel with the villains. He doesn't intervene when Bakunetsumaru's duel with Ashuramaru starts to go bad, but saves the rest of the Gundamusai when its about to be sucked into oblivion. Given that he's from the future, there's only a small amount he can do without disrupting the timeline.

True Neutral: This was the hardest of all. I decided to use the Zakurello Gate because the Gate's loyalties only go to whoever has posession of his son, the small remote. He doesn't intervene on his own except for when the universe is about to be destroyed.

Chaotic Neutral: The Griffin is Talgeese's summon beast, and technically on the bad side. However, the few moments it spends free it attacks Talgeese's Pawn Leos, so if it had a choice it wouldn't go along with the evil knight.

Lawful Evil: Commander Sazabi, fullstop. He wants cooperation and teamwork amoung his minions, but only so they could fulfil his needs. He cares only for himself and total domination.

Neutral Evil: General Zeong only wants one thing; THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! That sounds neutral enough to me.

Chaotic Evil: There were so many possible choices, but I chose Zapper Zaku as he enjoys going on rampages and hurting the good guys. Similar to Baku, he's a bad guy who's chaotic.

SD Gundam Force is property of Sunrise.
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GentleSpin Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Earthworm Jim was so awesome... and frustrating at times.
they're so cute
Brandikirk123 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Cool this is awsome
chaosphoniex Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh my god my sides I can't stop laughing XD
This is absolutely perfect XD
Shockbox Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student Photographer
This makes me really, really happy to see that someone finally decided to make one of these for SDGF. :heart:
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